ABCr - A Better Conflict resolution

The center for alternative conflict resolution by an interdisciplinary team

The goal of the center is to lead social change in the area of conflict resolution with the help of multi-disciplinary teams that are cognizant of the characteristics of the conflict in order to resolve it fast, effective, and in collaborative dialogue out of court.

Conflict resolution
in ABCr

  • Help the parties in crisis or conflict with a multi-disciplinary team according to the conflict characteristics.
  • The recognition that every person and every family is entitled to personal, financial and social security with the full involvement of the parties in the conflict management and full partnership in making decisions regarding the results of the process.
  • The inclusion of the parties’ perceptions; their legal, social and financial rights; and the satisfaction of their individual emotional needs.
  • As a result of the process, the conflict resolution is based on honesty and dignity. Cooperation, collaboration and maintaining the wellbeing of the parties to get a win-win situation are paramount considerations.

Helping low income or welfare populations

  • Legal aid or assistance to families that cannot afford paying for the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Service is provided in minimal fees that will be determined according to the financial ability of the clients.
  • The professionals of ABCr will be very carefully selected to help the parties overcome the crisis.
  • Pro-Bono service in case that the family cannot afford any payments.

Support and advise to couples prior to the commencement of the marriage

Support and advice to common law spouses who face difficulties in the beginning of their relationship prior to marriage. Sometimes these difficulties might be resolved by learning different ways of communication or guidance regarding techniques of resolving misunderstandings and difficulties.

Difficulties might be related to economic planning, managing the household expenses, getting accommodated to the intimate relations and sometime legal difficulties.

Many couples, coming from different socio-economic backgrounds have difficulties in formalizing a pre-nuptial agreement or an agreement for couples who are in a relationship but do not intend to get married. (?)

Training and assistance

  ABCr training

Training ABCr members and experts of the relevant professions who are interested in developing their skills in a multi professional ADR teamR.

  • Learning alternative processes of conflict resolution in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Supervising teams or individuals at work
  • Specific training of working in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Consulting and assistance in establishing multi-disciplinary centers
  • Family, business and cultural mediation
  • Community lawyering and its application in ADR
  • Resolution of third age conflicts (inheritance, wills, guardianship) in Multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Training professionals to work in Collaborative Divorce

Professionals and experts

  • Lawyers of various specialization fields
  • Mediators
  • Couple, family, individual therapists
  • Parental coordination
  • Financial advisors
  • Minor care experts

Managing the conflict by negotiation and problem solving always outside of the courtroom while being supported by professionals from different fields.

 ABCr offers guidance and assistance in processes like mediation and arbitration. The center characterizes the conflict and builds a multi-disciplinary team that will help to resolve the conflict fast and effectivel

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